Hindi Rock – Prayag

Got hold of Prayag’s second album UDAAN..KUDOS to the band and the production team…astounding work…Prayag’s music is more spiritual and sensual..thats what they say…and i cant agree more…Prayag has the potential to reach to a wider audience ..only if more record companies come forward and support such amazing talent…talking about talent, listen to their title track “Udaan” – a motivational track….fucking beauty …. this track has to be on VH1..played across the country…love the composition…


1)  “Bas Karo” starts with a guitar riff by the genius called Sumit…a perfect anti government song..though you can really relate it to many things..do not miss the mouth organ part…

2) “Langoor” – catchy rhythm

3) “Kal Akele” – Best song of the album

4) “Daud” is a fun track…gets you off your seat..high tempo song….

Tu Daud Daud,

Ho Sake Toh Daud,

Jitna Dum hai Daud…

5) “Udaan”

6)”Kehdo Kabhi” – a relaxing number

7)”Raaste” – i loved the intro…great track..composed much earlier alongwith Naya Savera, Daud, Bas Karo & Kal Akele…Loved the production…do not miss the bass guitar at 2.00 mins…

Haar ke jeetenge

Mar ke bhi jeeyenge

Yaad aayenge sadaa

8)”Naya Savera”


Pranab – Vocals

Viru – Drums

Sumit – Lead Guitar

Swapnil – Bass

Prasad – Guitar


4 thoughts on “Hindi Rock – Prayag

  1. Too bad these don’t play on tv or radio! they should! Also check out this other band Sifar – I think they’re quite similar to Prayag

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