Sulkstation – Piya

Tanvi Rao & Rahul Giri together make up Sulkstation. Their music is purely electronic / ambient. Their album Till You Appear is out on Flipkart and I tunes store.

Today, i would like to share their track Piya. This is my new addiction. Enjoy



David Bowie – Heroes

So last night i was watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower , a film adaptation of a novel of the same name which was released in 1999. Stephen Chbosky is the author and the director of the film. I adore the film for its honesty and music. And guess what, they have used David Bowie’s track – Heroes as the main track of the film.



Live Version


Trailer of the Movie

Snow Patrol – Full Set – T In The Park 2012

Snow Patrol were one of the headlining acts at  T In The Park 2012, a Scottish music festival.  I just discovered this festival and i am amazed at the massive line up the festival had. This is one of my TO-DO list items.

Now, lets watch some Snow Patrol.



Hands open 0:00:00
0:04:40 Take back for city ;
0:09:16 Crack the Shutters ;
0:12:50 This isn’t everything you are
0:18:25 Set the fire to the third bar
0:22:48 Run
0:29:05 New York ;
0:33:28 Make this go on forever
0:41:39 Shut your eyes ;
0:47:00 Chasing cars ;
0:53:00 Chocolate
0:56:36 Called out in the dark ;
1:00:45 Fallen Empires ;
1:06:10 Open your eyes ;
1:12:06 you’re all I have ;
1:20:00 Lifening ;
1:26:00 Just say yes


Setlist compiled and video uploaded by Youtube user Bibster94. You can look up for more of such videos on his channel.

Bangla Bass – Nucleya + Mou Sultana + Brooklyn Shanti

The latest episode of Dewarists (Season 2) has the likes of Mou Sultana (singer/songwriter), Brooklyn Shanti (emcee/dj/producer) and Nucleya. I have never heard Mou or Shanti before but for sure i have followed Nucleya’s sound journey. From Bandish Projekt to The Order Of The Essence to Nucleya. Udyan Sagar’s bass heavy tracks have always been a crowd puller..

Bangla Bass is again a bass heavy track which, interestingly, has two different parts. Brooklyn & Mou are talented artists and this combo is a SUPERHEAVY one.. Enjoy Bangla Bass


The Entire Episode


Mou Sultana – Soundcloud Page


Brooklyn Shanti – Soundcloud Page


Nucleya – Soundcloud Page

Let Us Move On – Dido . Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Well the lady is back..As i wait for her to release her new album in March 2013, Dido just shared a single from the upcoming album.. This track features Kendrick Lamar..

The track takes time to grow on you.. But the song writing is beautiful , as always..