Death Magnetic – Metallica

Death Magnetic is the 9th studio album released by Metallica in 2008 which was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin.

Death Magnetic was released on this day.

This was the first Metallica album which i really took interest too as i kind of did not like the earlier albums they produced. I thought it was too heavy for me. I was more of a Pink Floyd, Zeppellin lover and Metallica’s heavy trash metal was too much for me. But as i absorbed the new sounds i started to explore old tracks produced by Metallica. For me this was the album which actually introduced Metallica to me.

And i got to witness them live in Bangalore 2011. They played a stellar 2 hour set and it still remains my favourite concert moments. I remember Prasad & I stood for 6 hours in the line before the gates opened so as to get a place in the front rows. And yes we did.

My favourite track from this album is “The Day That Never Comes”.



Live version of the track





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